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JR-EDICT (Japanese-Russian electronic dictionary) release #7:

JR-EDICT 08JUN05 V05-001R
jr-edict.tags.euc.win1251.rar - mixed EUC (jp) / Win-1251 (ru) encoding, RAR compression
jr-edict.tags.euc.win1251.zip - mixed EUC (jp) / Win-1251 (ru) encoding, ZIP compression
jr-edict.tags.jis.win1251.rar - mixed JIS (jp) / Win-1251 (ru) encoding, RAR compression
jr-edict.tags.jis.win1251.zip - mixed JIS (jp) / Win-1251 (ru) encoding, ZIP compression
jr-edict.tags.ucs2.rar - UCS-2 encoding, RAR compression
jr-edict.tags.ucs2.zip - UCS-2 encoding, ZIP compression
jr-edict.tags.utf.rar - UTF-8 encoding, RAR compression
jr-edict.tags.utf.zip - UTF-8 encoding, ZIP compression
jr-edict.doc.rus.win1251.txt - documentation in russian, plain text, Win-1251 encoding.
jr-edict.license.eng.txt - lincese in english, plain text.
jr-edict.license.rus.win1251.txt - lincese in russian, plain text, Win-1251 encoding.
checksum.md5 - MD5 checksums for all files.

Many programs allow to lookup both japanese and russian parts of entries, so those dictionary files can be used as Russian-Japanese dictionary as well.

You can also find those files on JARDIC download page (russian / english) and at Monash Nihongo FTP Archive and it's mirrors. However, files at those pages could be older, than those posted here - do check version number in first entry in file. WWWJDIC servers sometimes have a yet unreleased C-version, that is newer than current R-version and may contain more words than version available for download. Try looking up four double-with question marks in WWWJDIC to check what version it uses.

If you just want to quickly lookup some words without downloading files, online lookup is available through WWWJDIC interface.

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